Oh yeah, let's just totally go skipping through the damn woods to our loo!
Nicholas(Nick) Gabriel


Season 1, Episode 1
Air date October 26th, 2015
Written by Katrina
Directed by Katrina
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Til' Death Do We Part

 Pilot is the Series Premiere of Our Deadly Escapades. The episode aired October 26th, 2015.


In the series premiere, five friends will run into something that will change their lives forever. They'll have come to terms on what they found while also trying to manage to balance out their social lives. Throughout this series, they'll have to watch their own lives, lies and secrets if they ever want to avoid suspicion of the public eye. Of course if never makes it any easier when they're also being followed by an unknown identity.


  • Katrina began to write the script on May 14th, 2015
  • The script was finished May 16th, 2015


The title comes from a traditional series premiere in most series'.

Main Cast

Aeriel Miranda as Rhea Rose

Darren Kagasoff as Jacob Gillovoy

Phoebe Tonkin as Jennifer Benedetti

Luke Kleintank as Nicholas Gabriel

Britt Robertson as Amelia Jennings

Guest Stars

Maisie Williams as Melinda

Eric Dane as Anthony

Joe Lando as Derek

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rebecca Jennings

Alyssa Milano as Lea Benedetti

Sara Shephard as Reporter


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Our Deadly Escapades

Episodes 1: Pilot

Script written by… Katrina

Executive Producer...Katrina

Directed by...Katrina



TIME: June 6th, 2016

[Scene: Woods. It’s night and there’s something walking through the woods. They stop in their tracks and takes out what appears to be their cell phone. They look through their text message inbox before they immediately put their phone away. There was a scuffle and some noises behind the person. They look around to see if anyone is there, but they don’t see anyone at all. They continue to walk through the woods, slowly increasing their pace.]

GIRL: Come on, come on, you’re almost there. You’re almost there.

(The GIRL continues to run until she reaches what appears to be an abandoned building. Out of breath, she looks behind her quickly before opening the door and hurried inside.)

GIRL: There has to be a place to hide. There has to be, come on Melinda, think!

(MELINDA looks around, her heart felt like it was going to pop out of her chest at any moment. She looked over to her left and spotted a group of stairs leading up. With no time to waste, MELINDA runs up the stairs, hoping not to trip and fall.)

MELINDA: You’re going to be safe. You’re going to be okay…

(Her hands shaking, MELINDA takes out her phone and turns it back on. She tries to dial 911, but before she can press Call, she accidentally drops her phone down to the bottom of the building.)

MELINDA: (angry) Dammit, dammit!

(Thinking fast, MELINDA rushes back down to retrieve her phone, but she stops when she hears the door to the abandoned building starting to open. Not having enough time to grab her phone, MELINDA hurries back up the stairs and hides behind a couple of wooden boxes. MELINDA didn’t dare to breathe. She knew if she made a sound, the person chasing her was going to find her. She had to get to her phone somehow… Down below, she could hear the person walking around the steel, cold floor. Maybe they’d leave. It was her only chance. Taking in a quick breath, MELINDA held onto it. Suddenly, relief overtook her when she heard the steel door open and slam shut.)

MELINDA: Thank you God, thank you God…

(Slowly, MELINDA stepped out from behind the boxes and slowly made her way down to the first floor. The stairs creaked with her every step, but there really wasn’t anything she could do about it. Looking down at the floor, she spots her phone and bends down to grab it. Pressing the power button, she started going through her contacts and dialed a number. Placing it to her ear, the phone begins to ring.)

PERSON: Melinda, what’s going on?

(Before MELINDA could talk, she was roughly grabbed by her hair from behind. Her screams echoed through the building while the person on the other end of the phone repeatedly asked what was going on.)


(The ATTACKER dragged her up the steps and MELINDA tried to kick them off of her, but she couldn’t. She continued to scream, screaming for help, praying to God someone was going to hear her.)


(The ATTACKER didn’t speak, but when they gripped the girls arm roughly and spun her around, MELINDA gasped as her eyes widened in horror.)

MELINDA: What are you doing?! You don’t want to do this!

(The ATTACKER grabbed a rope hanging down from the ceiling and began to wrap it around MELINDA’S neck. Before doing anything else, they made sure they and MELINDA made eye contact before their final move.)

ATTACKER: Have fun in Hell, Bitch!

(Before MELINDA could protest, the ATTACKER pushed the girl off the edge and she dropped several feet before stopping. She struggled with the rope around her neck and tried her best to get it off of her, but it was of no use. Slowly, MELINDA felt the life escape her and soon she fell unconscious, and after that, she met her death.)


Act One

June 27th, 2016

[Scene: Edge of Woods. Two cars are parked, both with the engines still running. Nothing seems to be happening for awhile until two more cars pulls up behind the other two. A woman in a blue Ford unbuckles her seat belt and jumps out of her car followed by two men who do the same. After the last car is parked and its engine turned off, two females climbs out.]

RHEA: Well, it’s about time you showed! (She crosses her arms and smiled widely at the others while the female with blonde hair gives RHEA a look)

AMELIA: We would have been here sooner, but Jennifer decided to take her precious little time. I wanted to be here a half hour ago. (AMELIA also crosses her arms and ignores a look coming from JENNIFER.)

JENNIFER: Whatever you little miss hateful! I needed to make sure I was looking my best. (She turns her head towards RHEA) I mean, we are going on an adventure right? Is this suppose to be some kind of post college ritual or something?

(As she waits for an answer, JENNIFER swats away AMELIA’S hand from hitting her. The two males, JACOB and NICHOLAS rolls their eyes while both chuckled at the two girls.)

RHEA: Of course. I wanted to end our Summer with a bang, so I thought a nice little adventure in the woods would be fine. Besides, when was the last time we did this?

(She looks around for an answer. Not getting one she just smiles and nods her head before heading off into the woods. NICHOLAS looks on and gives the rest of the group a quiet sigh.)

JENNIFER: What’s wrong with you?

JACOB: He’s just mad because Rhea interrupted his video game time. (Not waiting for NICHOLAS to respond, JACOB hurries into the woods in order to catch up with RHEA, leaving the other three to decide whether or not they were going to join the two.)

NICHOLAS: I was going to beat a record!! But no, we had to come here! (He makes a mockful expression and raises his hands) Oh yeah, let's just totally go skipping through the damn woods to our loo! (After he stops, he shakes his head and proceeds to follow JACOB who had almost reached RHEA)

JENNIFER: Well, if you can’t beat’em, join’em! (She grins wickedly before grabbing AMELIA’S arm and dragged her friend with her into the woods) C’mon, we’re gonna lose the rest of them!

AMELIA: Is that such a bad thing? This whole thing spells DOOMED coming from Rhea.

JENNIFER: Um, ouch! (She makes a painful expression and shakes her head quickly) Stop yelling into my ear! You’re gonna blow out my ear drum, Meels!

AMELIA: Sorry!

(By the time JENNIFER and AMELIA caught up with the others, RHEA was standing still. Looking around, she was trying to figure out which direction to go. JACOB looked around quickly and told RHEA it was didn’t make a difference which way they went because they’d most likely stay lost.)

AMELIA: Wait, we’re lost?!

RHEA: We’re not lost… Don’t worry, I know where to go. Come on!

(After she continued walking, the others obediently followed her in her footsteps. It wasn’t until maybe twenty-thirty minutes when they finally reached the destination RHEA was leading them to. JENNIFER and AMELIA looked at each other cautiously while JACOB and NICHOLAS stared at what was in front of them.)

NICHOLAS: Rhea, what the hell is this? Did you know this was here the entire time?

(As he was talking, RHEA stepped up to the abandoned building and tried to inspect it. She didn’t answer NICHOLAS until she stepped back and looked back at the others.)

RHEA: Okay, so maybe I didn’t tell you the whole story. I overheard people talking before graduation that this place is haunted, but they never got to prove it since nobody's been in here for awhile.

(While AMELIA squeaked with fright, JENNIFER crossed her arms and sighed at RHEA. She couldn’t believe they were all lead to a rumored to be haunted old building. Typical RHEA.)

JENNIFER: If you want to go on a ghost hunt, you should have brought equipment. You don’t expect us to go in there, do you?

RHEA: Fine, don’t. You can stay out here being a big baby while I go in and investigate myself. (Ignoring the glare she was getting by JENNIFER, RHEA looked over at JACOB and NICHOLAS. She noticed the two were giving each other that annoying look whenever she started to be a bitch to them.) You guys in or are you gonna be playing Watch Guard with the other two? (Pleased to see the guys nod their heads, RHEA opened the large metal door and headed inside, JACOB and NICHOLAS behind her.)

JENNIFER: Come on, Amelia. The quicker we play Rhea’s stupid game, the quicker we can get the fuck out and go home.

AMELIA: O-okay…

(After the girls entered the building, RHEA, JACOB and NICHOLAS were looking around. RHEA was talking about how the place could have been a mine back in the day, and JACOB asked how she knew that.)

RHEA: It’s just a theory. (She looked up at the upper floors before heading to the stairs.) Someone should see if there’s a basement. Maybe there’s something useful down there.

JENNIFER: Then why don’t you go down there instead?!

(Not receiving an answer, JENNIFER mumbled something under her breath, JACOB and NICHOLAS were already trying to to find a door or at least something leading to the lower floor. After announcing they had found something, both guys started down the steps. JENNIFER and AMELIA shared a look before JENNIFER asked her friend who she’d rather follow.)

AMELIA: I’d rather follow the boys. I don’t want to think what kind of trouble Rhea’s getting herself into.

JENNIFER: Alright. You go follow the boys, I’ll go follow Her Royal Majesty.

(After splitting ways, AMELIA stepped through the doorway and looked down at the flight of stairs. She knew the boys wouldn’t let her get hurt, so she started to walk down as carefully as she could. When she got to the bottom of the steps, she couldn’t see or hear the boys.)

AMELIA: Jake? Nick? Where are you guys?

(AMELIA makes her way through several rooms, but for the life of her, she couldn’t find the others. The place was literally creeping her out and immediately agreed with NICHOLAS’S earlier statement. In fact, she wouldn’t mind actually playing a few of his video games with him. As she was walking through a doorway, she shrieked after seeing a mouse scurry past her.)

AMELIA: Mice are not what I signed up for! (she lowers her head and rolls her eyes) Actually, I didn’t sign up for any of this shit.

(AMELIA continues to walk through some rooms until she met up with a dead end. Each room she went through had all sorts of junk and she honestly couldn’t make any heads or tails of them. At first she actually thought that the place could have been an old school or something, but then she began to wonder why a school would be out in the middle of the woods.)

AMELIA: Nicholas? Jacob? Come on, this really isn’t funny!

[Cut to JACOB and NICHOLAS. Both guys are looking through old junk. Books, papers, just about anything they could get their hands on.]

JACOB: I’ll be honest… (he tosses down an old, dusty book he’d been reading) I was really hoping there’d be lost gold or something like that here. Not this useless bullshit crap.

NICHOLAS: I dunno. I kinda figured we weren’t going to find anything like that, but there has to be something here, ya know? Think about it, Rhea doesn’t do this without a reason.

JACOB: True… I just wish she’d tell us the whole plan instead of a damn snippet.

NICHOLAS: Agreed, but what can we do about it now?

(After JACOB sighed, NICHOLAS went back to rummaging through the various books and clippings he found. He told his friend that this was definitely a waste of time and turned back to the doorway they came through.)

NICHOLAS: K, call me impatient, but I’m over Rhea’s--

(He stopped dead when he and JACOB heard a blood curdling scream coming from the other side of the lower floor. They both looked at each other wide eyed and ran out only to slam into both RHEA and JENNIFER who had also rushed to find out what had just happened.)

ALL(in unison): Why did you scream?!

JENNIFER: We didn’t! We were just… talking… when we heard someone scream. We followed the noise down here and now we found you.

RHEA: If this is a joke, I’m going to kick your fucking asses!

JACOB: A joke? Why would we do something like that?

NICHOLAS: Well, we kinda do have a track record…

(The four couldn’t continue their conversation because AMELIA started screaming and crying for the others. When they had found and reached her, JENNIFER wrapped her arms around her friend and asked her what was wrong. AMELIA just buried her face in her friend’s chest while JACOB, NICHOLAS and RHEA looked at what was in front of them.)

JACOB: Oh my God…

NICHOLAS: I think I’m going to fucking puke…

(After JENNIFER looked at what they were all looking at, she gasped in horror at the sight. In front of them was a dead body of a girl, rope wrapped around her neck. Pushing AMELIA off, JENNIFER digs through her pocket and takes out her cell phone and begins to dial 911, but RHEA snatches the phone before JENNIFER could hit Call.)

JENNIFER: What the fuck, Rhea?!

RHEA: We can’t alert the police!

JENNIFER(angry): Why the fuck not?! There’s a fucking dead body here, Rhea!

RHEA: Yeah and if you call the police, who do you think they’re going to suspect? Us!

JACOB: Yeah, that wouldn’t be good.


JENNIFER: Then what are we suppose to do?! Keep this a secret?! Someone was killed!

RHEA: Yes, Jennifer! We keep it a secret! Because I’m fuckin’ telling you right now, I would like to go to college instead of sitting behind bars!

(Before JENNIFER could say anything else, RHEA starts to make her way back up the main level. Everybody else looks at each other hopelessly before one by one, they follow her up. JENNIFER looks back down the steps and thinks about the girl who was killed before she shakes her head and follows the rest outside back in the woods. She knew she didn’t agree with this, but hell at least nobody would be finding out about their little “adventures”. Everyone got back to their cars and headed off. Each knew that after today, their lives would be changing forever. What they didn’t realize however, was that their was another party involved. Someone who would be out to destroy each of their lives even if it was the last thing they did.)

Act 2

TIMELAPSE: August 18th, 2016

[SCENE: AMELIA'S house. In her bedroom, AMELIA is looking over new outfits she had bought for her first week of college. She was happy when her friends decided to stay local, so she didn't have to worry about being and feeling alone. Shopping bags covered her bed and she snatches up a light pink top with ruffles at the end of the sleeves.]

AMELIA: Hmm, nah! (she throws down the top and picks up a light blue one instead) Maybe, but no cigar. (throwing down that one, AMELIA picks up a white shirt, black leather vest, and a leather skirt) This could work!

AMELIA'S MOM(NEED NAME!!!): What is it with you and leather?

(AMELIA jumps at the sound of her mother's voice and places her hand over her heart)

AMELIA: Shit Mom! (she sits down on the bed and takes a breath) You scared the hell out of me!

AMELIA'S MOM: What have I told you about using swear words?! (MOM sighs and looks at the newly bought outfits) Are you planning on wearing all of those to school?

(With a roll of her eyes, AMELIA stands up and turns back to her new clothes. She tells her mother if it's possible, she would be wearing all of these at one point or another. Her MOM walks over and picks up a pink and white shirt)

AMELIA'S MOM: I like this one.

AMELIA: That one's part of the throw away pile.

(AMELIA'S mom gives her daughter and sigh before crossing her arms. She looks over to a desk with AMELIA'S laptop on it and a picture. Walking over, she picks it up and looks at it. It's a picture of AMELIA, RHEA, and JENNIFER with NICHOLAS doing something in the background. Her mother assumed JACOB took the picture.)

AMELIA'S MOM: It amazes me how long you've all been friends. A lot of people your age has a hard time keeping in touch with their friends.

AMELIA: Yeah, well, we're lucky we're all going to colleges near to home.

AMELIA'S MOM: Yes, of course... How is Rhea, by the way? I barely see her around anymore.

(AMELIA makes a face at her mother, but MOM doesn't see. Honestly, ever since what happened a month before, AMELIA hasn't really been RHEA'S number one fan. Last month, AMELIA was in full agreement to go to the police about what they had found, but RHEA had basically threatened all of them. There were times when AMELIA had dialed the three numbers, but she never pressed Call.)

AMELIA: Rhea is Rhea. Last I heard, she wasn't going to college. I guess she wanted to take the year off.

AMELIA'S MOM: Well, I think that's a poor decision. Everyone deserves a college education.

AMELIA(under breathe): Yeah well, everyone isn't like you...

AMELIA'S MOM: What was that?

AMELIA(shocked): What? (she clears her throat) I was just saying that Rhea is a free spirit type. College never really interested her.

AMELIA'S MOM: I see... (her attention turns to the rest of AMELIA'S clothes, but she just sighs and starts for the doorway. She stops when she gets to the frame and turns back to her daughter) You do know I just want the best for you, don't you?

AMELIA: Yes I do. (she nods quickly) And I appreciate that. (she looks up at her mother and gives her a smile) Trust me, I do.

AMELIA'S MOM: Good. You know since your father left, I've been really wo--

(AMELIA grabs the bags and purposely krinkles them in order to make some noise.)

AMELIA: Mom, I really need to get this sorting done and I need to do laundry so I don't have time to chit chat.

(AMELIA'S MOM looks at her daughter for a few seconds before turning in defeat. Sometimes, she wished AMELIA would tell her about her problems like old times instead of just bottling everything up. She knew it had something to do with what her FATHER had done, but AMELIA just never talked about it. After her MOM walks off, AMELIA walks over and shuts the door and locks it.)

AMELIA: Always has to be in my damn business. (she shakes her head and walks over to the desk and picks up the picture) I wish we never went into that stupid building...

[Scene: Cut to JACOB. He's sitting at the dining room table with his laptop open and charged up. On the screen was the home page of the college he would be attending soon. He was happy when he found out the school offered writing courses so he really looking forward to those. JACOB'S father, ANTHONY, walks in through the front door carrying in bags of groceries.]

ANTHONY: Care to help your old man?

JACOB: Sure, gimme a sec! (JACOB closes the laptop and gets out of the chair he was sitting in and walks over to his father) Did you guys end up buying out the whole store?

ANTHONY: No smart ass. (he makes a face and hands the bags to his son) OK so maybe we kind of, sort of over did it? Wanna put these in the kitchen?

(JACOB nods and takes the bags before heading into the kitchen. ANTHONY was right behind him and after they set the bags on the counter, they started to go through the bags to put stuff away)

ANTHONY: Ready to start college?

JACOB: Yep. I just have to get a few more things done and I am ready to go. (JACOB's phone starts to go off indicating he had received a text message, but he doesn't check it) I'm just glad it's not out of state or anything like that.

ANTHONY: You do know I wouldn't have minded if it was, right? I had plenty of money tucked away for your college education, and your... (he stops himself and puts some bags of fruit away in the fridge) Anyway, you are pretty much set.

JACOB: I know, but I didn't want to move so far away. My friends are here, you and Derek are here, there's no need to do all that. (JACOB shrugs before placing cans of soup in the cabinet) Where is Derek, by the way?

ANTHONY: He's probably talking to the neighbors. You know how your step father gets.

(JACOB chuckles just as the front door opens. ANTHONY gives his son a wink when DEREK walks into the kitchen with more bags in his arms and looks around)

DEREK: Looks like you two got most of the groceries put away! (he places the bags on the counter and takes the contents out to put them away) Ready for college, Jake?

JACOB: Yeah, I sure am. (he nods and takes an apple from the fridge) I was just telling Dad I had to do a few more things before and I am good to go.

DEREK: Good! Make us a promise and do us proud, okay?

(After biting into the apple, JACOB raised his hand to give his stepfather a thumbs up. ANTHONY and DEREK started engaging in a conversation and JACOB made his way back out to the dining room. After sitting down, he takes out his phone and looks at the screen. "ONE NEW TEXT MESSAGE". He opens the text and smiles as he reads it. Quickly he went to type in a reply and after he was done, he pressed SEND.)

ANTHONY(o/s): Hey Jake, what do you want for dinner tonight?

JACOB: Uhhh... how about scalped potatoes?

ANTHONY(o/s): That'll work!

(JACOB receives another text and quickly opens it and smiles again. Since he didn't think a reply was needed, he placed his phone to the side and opens his laptop back up.)

JACOB: What to do next?

(On the screen, the homepage of the college was up and JACOB felt a wave of confidence over him. This would be a totally new beginning where the past stayed in the past and the future was looking bright. He had thought about the event that happened a month ago, but seriously, who was going to know they were all there anyway? RHEA was right though, if they went to the police, they would have been the suspects, right? And their prints were fucking everywhere so that would put them all in a very bad position. Knowing he had too much to fight for, JACOB would never do anything that would expose him and the others that they were all there that day. He closed the laptop again and leaned back on the chair.)

JACOB: Nothing can happen. Nothing will happen. Everything will be totally fine.

Act 3

[SCENE: Jennifer is at the mall looking through racks of clothes while her mother, LEAH, was a few feet away doing the same. LEAH picked up a top and showed it to JENNIFER]

LEAH: Here, this will look good on you! (she smiles brightly as JENNIFER looked her way)

JENNIFER: Yeah, if you want me to join the convent. Or the choir.

LEAH: Jen, be serious! This is college we're talking about. You need to look your best like I did when I went to college.

(JENNIFER rolls her eyes and mumbles something, which her mother ignored. She takes a top off of the rack and smiles immediately. She turns to the mirror and holds it up to visualize how it'd look on her. She saw her mother come up behind her and shake her head)

LEAH: Absolutely not!

JENNIFER: Why not?! It's a sexy top!

LEAH: Exactly. You need to make people see you're serious, not out to party everyday.

(As LEAH  is talking, JENNIFER receives a text message. Her face is in smiles and she hurries to respond to the text and hits SEND.)

LEAH: That’s the tenth text you got while we’ve been in this store, alone! Who are you texting?

JENNIFER: Just a friend, Mother! And please, you're getting me mixed up with Rhea.

(Surprise, surprise that's just who walked into JENNIFER'S view. RHEA had a couple bags in her arms and was eying the top in JENNIFER'S hands.)

RHEA: Nice top, are you getting it?

JENNIFER: Of course I am! It's really me, don't you think?

RHEA: Sure, if you want to join a convent or something.

(JENNIFER rolls her eyes knowing RHEA had to have eavesdropped on her conversation with her mother. JENNIFER turns around and walks past RHEA to another clothing rack and starts to rummage through the choices.)

RHEA: So, I was thinking... (She rearranges the bags in her arm while JENNIFER was giving her a "Well, on with it!" look) We still can't tell anyone about what happened. You know what I'm talking about.

JENNIFER: Fucking obviously.

RHEA: I'm going to get into law school. That way if we do get busted, I'll be able to get us all out.

(When JENNIFER realizes RHEA is being serious, she starts to crack up with laughter. RHEA going to law school? No fucking way, she'd never do that.)

JENNIFER: Law school? You don't seem the type. And no offense sweetie, but you're not exactly academically qualified.

RHEA: I'll take that as a compliment, thank you very much. And I know a few people who know a few people, so I'm already a shoe in. Trust me, I got this.

JENNIFER: The last time you told me to trust you, you lead us to... it!

RHEA: (She glares at JENNIFER before raising a finger to her face) Don't you dare think I did all that on purpose! I didn't know... that... was going to be in there, Jennifer! And if you think for a moment I set all of you up---

(Before RHEA could finish, LEAH walked up to the girls with a grin on her face. She greeted RHEA warmly, and RHEA plastered on a fake smile and greeted LEAH back, which only made JENNIFER roll her eyes. God, RHEA was such a fucking kiss assing bitch!)

LEAH: Are you getting ready for college classes? I'm so excited for you girls and the others of course. College is a very important part of your education, you know.

RHEA: Oh trust me, Mrs. Benedetti, I agree. In fact, I'm going to be attending Law School. Although I don't think I met the deadline to apply so...

LEAH: Oh sweetie, let me make a few calls. I could probably help you out!

(JENNIFER gives her a mother a glare when LEAH takes out her cell phone and checks the screen. She excused herself to check her messages and promised RHEA she'd get back to her ASAP. After she walks away, JENNIFER looks at RHEA and crosses her arms)

JENNIFER: I don't know what kind of fucking sick and twisted game you're playing, but you need to stop. I don't want my mother getting in our mess!

RHEA: She won't, I promise! I just need to get in and I'll do the rest. Your mom will never know what's up.

(RHEA smiled confidently and ran off to another clothing rack while JENNIFER just glared after her. God, why the fuck did she have to even know her?! And even if she wanted to ditch RHEA, that bitch could just get her back by pinning the murder or whatever it was on her! This was just getting worse by the day. JENNIFER looks around and spots another cute top and walks over to try it out. That would be the perfect top for the first day of school AND it would piss her mother off! Perfect!)

Act 4 t

[Scene: Time lapse. JENNIFER is just getting home with her mother while they both spot NICHOLAS on the front porch.]

JENNIFER: Mom, I’ll be in in a minute, okay? I have to talk to Nick first.

LEAH: Don’t be too long. I made reservations for dinner tonight at The Diamant!

(JENNIFER nods as her mother makes her way into the house and after shutting the door, JENNIFER rolls her eyes and looks at NICHOLAS with a smile.)

NICHOLAS: She does know she’s going a restaurant named The Diamond, right? That doesn’t make any sense…

JENNIFER: Yeah, I know. But I want her to feel like a fool when she finds out. If she even does.

(They both laugh for a bit before NICHOLAS takes JENNIFER in his arms and they both kiss. It lasts for a couple seconds before NICHOLAS steps back at watches JENNIFER’S expression)

JENNIFER: That was…

NICHOLAS: Stupid, I know! I don’t know why I did that… I jut…

JENNIFER: No, no! It’s fine! I was just wondering why you hadn’t done that sooner.

(JENNIFER and NICHOLAS chuckles together before they wrap themselves around each other again and begins to make out. After they’re done JENNIFER looks forward to spots someone’s back turned to them.)

JENNIFER: That bitch!

NICHOLAS: What are you talking about?

JENNIFER: Rhea! I just saw her walking away from us. She’s been harassing me all day!

NICHOLAS: She was always a nosy bitch when it came to relationships. (he smirks when he see’s JENNIFER’S shocked expression) Was it something I said?

JENNIFER: Just when you said relationship.

NICHOLAS: If you want, we can always do it again…

(JENNIFER grins. She nods, but her expression falls when she hears her mother’s voice from inside the house)

LEAH(o/s): Honey, you’re going to change before we go, right? You’re not thinking of wearing that top to the restaurant, are you?

(While NICHOLAS laughs, JENNIFER rolls her eyes and tells her mother she’ll change soon)

JENNIFER: Just give me five more minutes, Mother! (she looks at NICHOLAS and smiles lightly) I gotta go.

NICHOLAS: I’ll call you later, okay? We can talk more about, this.

JENNIFER: I’d like that!

(NICHOLAS gives JENNIFER a last quick kiss before the two separates ways. JENNIFER enters the house and calls out to her mother that she’ll be ready soon and hurries off to her bedroom.)

[SCENE: Downtown. AMELIA is seen walking down the sidewalks as cars pass her. Her arms are crossed and she looks like she’s been in deep thought for awhile now. She stops walking for a moment and looks in one of the shop’s windows. Her reflection looks back at her and she just rolls her eyes.]

AMELIA: Why does it feel like everyone’s watching me?!

RHEA: You feel like that too, huh?

(AMELIA turns to RHEA and lightly nods. Both girls are quiet for awhile until RHEA folds her hands together)

RHEA: Look, I’m gonna tell all of you. There’s not going to be anything to worry about, k? I got everything under control.

AMELIA: Under control? (she crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow) Like you had everything under control last month?

RHEA: Details, Amelia. I’m enrolling into Law School. That way I can keep all of us safe and we won’t have to worry about jail time.

AMELIA: You talk like we really are guilty…

RHEA: That’s what the court’s going to think if bad stuff starts to happen. I’m just making a backup plan. None of are going to go to jail.

(RHEA looks over and see’s three police cars drive past them. She looks curious, but shrugs it off and looks back at AMELIA, who also noticed the police cars.)

AMELIA: And nothing will happen to us, right? Anything at all?

RHEA: I looked it all up. They need really good evidence to book us. Actually, I was thinking we should go back and get rid of the body. That way we don’t have to worry at all.

(AMELIA’S eyes widened when she heard what RHEA was saying. Was she fucking joking? There was no way RHEA was actually thinking about doing that, was she?)

AMELIA: That’s just going to make our matters worse, Rhea! If they do find the body, then they’re going to find out we tampered with it! (she looks to her side where two more police cars and an ambulance rushes past with their sirens on)

RHEA: That’s why we get rid of it, Amelia. Destroy the evidence, nobody ever finds out we were there.

(Both girls’ phones blares off and they check their texts. Their faces shows shock when they read the texts)

RHEA: Oh fuck.

AMELIA: This can’t be real, can it? Did they really…

(RHEA pockets her phone and grabs AMELIA’S arm. She tells her they’re going to meet up with the others. AMELIA nods and they both head off)

[SCENE: JACOB’S house. JACOB, NICHOLAS, RHEA, AMELIA, and JENNIFER and standing in the living room as they watch the NewsCast on TV. There’s a reporter on screen talking about what just went down while police are walking in the background]

REPORTER: Officials received an anonymous tip about a fight going on in an abandoned building by a wooded area. Police found a body of a girl, Melinda Chikowski, strangled to death by rope. Her body will be transferred to the local hospital where an autopsy will be taking place.

AMELIA: Anonymous tip?! Does that… does that mean…?

RHEA: Nobody’s going to find out, Amelia! I’m going to handle this!

JENNIFER(angry): How?! How the fuck do you intend on handling this, Rhea?!

RHEA: Would you just fucking trust me?! I’m going to handle this one way for another!

(RHEA looks back at the TV while the other Main’s looks at each other. They didn’t understand why RHEA was acting like the way she was, but they had very bad feelings in their stomach’s about this. Would they be falsely accused and be sent to jail?)

Act 5 

[SCENE: Time Lapse. The Mains are walking down the sidewalk downtown and are discussing the news report. Actually, it was more like RHEA talking about how they were not going to get caught.]

JENNIFER: I don’t understand why you keep saying shit like that. “Not going to get caught”, we did nothing to that girl!

RHEA: Don’t you think I know that, Jennifer?! I looked it up online, a lot of people get falsely convicted for murder. As long as we stick together, nothing’s going to happen.

NICHOLAS: The police are probably searching every inch of that place. Our prints are everywhere!

RHEA: Maybe, but the building’s so old, the prints probably never made it to the surfaces.

(She steps ahead of them and turns to face them.)

RHEA: We’re all going to be safe. We just have to stick together and make sure we don’t do anything stupid in the meantime.

JENNIFER(she rolls her eyes): Yeah while you travel off to Law School.

JACOB/NICHOLAS(unison): Law School?

(RHEA crosses her arms and nods. She tells the boys her plans on attending the school as a Plan B to get them out of trouble, if they needed to)

JACOB: Isn’t that a bit much, Rhea? Don’t they appoint lawyers for you anyway?

RHEA: Yeah, but those never work. If we do get accused--

JENNIFER: Falsely accused.

RHEA: I’m just getting us ready for what’s to come. Because I am not going to fucking jail!

(The Mains looks at each other when something catches their interests. Inside a box was a stack of newspapers with a very interesting article on the front page)

JACOB: Please tell me that isn’t what I think it is…

RHEA: What? What are you talking about? (she turns around to try to see what the others were looking at)

(NICHOLAS and JENNIFER rushes up to the box and tries to get it open)

NICHOLAS: We need to get this open already!

JENNIFER: That’s what I’m trying to help you with!

(While they were trying to get the box open, RHEA got a chance to see what the front page was showing. There was a huge picture of the Main’s coming out of the abandoned building with large letters under the picture, “WE KILLED MELINDA CHIKOWSKI!”. Their names were all in bold with their pictures next to their names.)

RHEA:  Maybe this is worse than I thought…

(The scene starts to move away from the Mains. AMELIA is on the verge of tears while NICHOLAS and JENNIFER are pounding on the box to get it open and JACOB has his hands over his face. Across the street, someone stands as they watch the Main’s. Proud of themself, they turn away and walks off.)


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