Our Deadly Escapades 

Welcome to the RCK-Productions Wiki! Are you looking forward to Our Deadly Escapades? I hope you are! There's going to be a lot planned for our new main characters. Interested in other Virtual series? A new virtual series may be in the works, but it probably won't be on this wiki. I'll probably be making a second wiki and affiliate with this wiki. So buckle down, Loves, and get ready for a wild and wicked ride!


Five friends join together at the end of their Senior Year. Freshly graduated from High School, this group of besties finds themselves in a situation they might never get out of. Death, Secrets, Lies, and Threats of being Exposed follows these people wherever they go. But if they think everything’s going to fixed by the snap of their fingers, well... By the time these kids are finished with their deadly escapades, no promises can be made that they’ll escape the outcome of their sins and lies.



Til' Death Do We Part was the second episode of Our Deadly Escapades. The Episode aired October 30th, 2015.



We'll Always Be Together is third episode of Our Deadly Escapades. The episode will air November 14th, 2015.

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